Life Insurance

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Life Insurance

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You are never too young to have life insurance. The perfect example would be parents who buy a life insurance policy for their newborns. Every premium paid increases the policy’s equity. By the time the baby reaches adulthood, a nice nest egg has accumulated.

Future Planning Advisors offers a number of life insurance types for people in the Hampton Roads area. Our experts can help you decide whether a whole life or universal policy is perfect for your lifestyle, budget and goals. They may recommend a term life insurance policy as suiting your situation best.

Are you a business owner? A life insurance policy can protect your business after you pass away. The policy proceeds can pay off debts, support your current workforce and keep your business operating at a healthy level. Your premiums are tax-deductible. Our experts will provide more insight.

A trained expert is needed to consider tax implications regarding life insurance. Some life insurance policy premiums are tax deductible, while others may be tax-deferred. Life insurance policies are heavily regulated by governmental agencies and the insurance industry. All stipulations must be met to avoid facing punitive damages like fines, penalties, license revocation, and other items deemed appropriate. Hiring a certified life insurance expert is crucial for your success.

Tax planning plays a crucial role in how effective your life insurance choice is. It can determine whether you avoid paying current taxes, partial taxes, deferred taxes or capital gains taxes. All details are stipulated within the life insurance policy. Protect yourself by hiring a reputable, certified life insurance expert that has a complete understanding about tax planning. We can help!

Do not trust your life insurance needs to just anyone. Turn to the industry-respected professionals at Future Planning Associates when in Hampton Roads in the Hampton, VA area.