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Future Planning Advisors are experts in annuities for people in the Hampton Roads area. We have been doing it for years! This longevity entitles us to offer competent, professional and amazing services at reasonable prices. We firmly believe that annuities are for everyone!

What is an annuity, you ask? An annuity is a sum of money paid to you for the life of the investor. Instead of receiving a lump sum like some financial tools allow, you can receive monthly annuities throughout the life of the insurance investment tool. It is part of an annuity contract between you and your insurer. The contract serves the purpose of helping you meet long-range goals or retirement planning goals.

Investment annuities can be indexed, fixed or variable. A fixed annuity, as the name implies, involves a set interest rate that never changes. Variable annuities involve varying payment periods and interest rates. Only a reputable, well-trained annuities professional, like those at Future Planning Advisors, fully understand this complicating and complex field. For detailed information, feel free to ask questions and be impressed with what you hear!

Clients are able to withdraw money after the first year without penalties. Many companies allow you to withdraw 10% after the first year without penalty. Our experts possess all the details needed to keep you and your annuities safe, legal and accumulating.

The SEC, or Securities and Exchange Commission, regulates certain annuities. Individuals selling annuities must be certified to do so by passing an arduous examination. Be assured all of our professionals are certified and legal to sell annuities.

When in Hampton Roads in the Hampton, VA area, ask the experts at Future Planning Advisors about annuities when discussing your insurance investment needs. Pick up the phone and call now!